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4TB Storage Hard Drives down to £140

I am always on the lookout for storage.  Now I have transformed my normal PCs all to SSDs, as well as those of my brother and father, all that is left is increasing the storage in my home NAS (Network Attached Storage).  For this, storage density is usually king – the fewer hard drives I can fit in to my NAS, or the same hard drives for more capacity, is always going to win.

In 2013, I upped my twin 3TB drives to four, at the cost of £125 a piece.  These were the cheapest drives at the time, but are now available for £90.  Moving into the old price bracket are 4TB drives – Seagate ST4000DM000 now at £140.  This comes out at 3.5p per Gigabyte.


This all comes down to the floods in Thailand in 2010 which decimated storage prices.  It all used to be fun at £25 per TB, and we are slowly getting back to those levels with the 3TB price band.  But if I want to refit my NAS with four of these drives, a total of £560 isn’t a bad way to do it.

Cool news, bro!


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