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AMD Drop Price of HD7990 to $700

In a quiet turn of events, it is being widely reported that an AMD mandated price drop of the HD 7990 is occurring.  AMD partners were able to drop reference designs down as far as $799 earlier this month, which is $200 below the official list price and $100 cheaper than July options.

The new price is of course the MSRP, rather than the manufacturer price from AMD.  Thus while AMD is now quoting the new $700 price point, Powercolor and XFX have jumped straight in with $669 and $699 respectively.

These prices drops are clearly happening in the US first, with the UK being slow to follow.  The cheapest 7990 online is currently £591, which without tax translates to a US price of $760, noting the inflated prices in the UK.  Searching on websites like, you are more likely to pay around ~£700 for the same card.


While the 7990 is a powerful card, it does hit the high notes in terms of wallet strain.  Compared to the GTX 790 / TITAN, which still run for as little as £810, as long as the drivers run well, the 7990 might be a worthwhile choice.  Bitcoin miners might want to search out the tri-slot models, however finding them at the lower price points is a little tricky.  Luckily these cards often hold their value well over time.

Cool news, bro!


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