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Managing Demand: No More PS4

Reports are coming in from MCV that Sony is halting pre-orders for its new Playstation 4 console.  Sony is reported to have been directing retailers to put an end to guaranteed launch day devices, and request that users ‘arrive on the day’ for a small number of on-the-day units that are always made available.

Undoubtedly a console launch is dogged by demand every time we perform this cycle – the danger is always if a manufacturer over estimates demand and ends with a ton of day one stock still on the shelves.  The reverse is not enough stock, which causes consumers to look at other consoles that are in stock.

Retail experts are reporting that pre-orders for both Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One are strong, although there are expectations that Microsoft will follow suit depending on how fast the factories can churn out the device as the pre-orders for the “Day One” edition of the console dry up.  As we reported earlier, they at least have the unboxing video ahead of everyone else.

Source: MCV


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