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New Haswell CPU-Z Record: 7012.36 MHz on MSI Z87 MPower Max

As a competitive overclocker, it is exciting when new boundaries are pushed.  The launch of the Haswell range of Intel’s 4th Generation CPUs was one of the most prepared launches in history for in-house overclockers, with hundreds upon hundreds of CPUs tested before the official launch.

One of the more advertised benchmarks is simple – how fast can you get it to go?  This is similar to the land speed record, except rather than running a mile in each direction with your PC, it requires a simple CPU-Z validation.

The record today is with Haswell, with TeamChina DFORDOG & Hero taking the i7-4770K, which is rated at 3.5 GHz, all the way to 7012.36 MHz on liquid nitrogen.


The score was posted up at into the overclocking leagues, where as you would expect it stands number one among other i7-4770K results.




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