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$1,000,000 Saints Row IV Wad Wad Special Edition

In a move never been seen before, Deep Silver and Volition have released a new special edition for the upcoming game Saints Row IV, coming in at a whopping $1,000,000!

With exclusivity to the UK and the retailer Game, Only 1 of these editions will be on sale.

What does in include? Well lets take a look:
– A full size replica of the Dubstep Gun
– A hostage rescue experience
– A full day of spy training
– A shopping spree with their own personal shopper
– A 7 night stay for two in The Jefferson Hotel, Washington DC
– 7 Nights for two in the Top Royal Suite in Burj-al-arab, Dubai
– First class flights to and from both destinations
– A brand new Toyota Prius with 1 years insurance
– A Lamborghini Gallardo
– 1 year’s membership to the E25 Super Car Club
– Plastic Surgery

Oh, and the game, Commander in Chief edition of course.

The first question that springs to mind, who would be daft enough to pay that for the game?
The second, Plastic Surgery!?

I’m yet to decipher what their PR was thinking, but hay, PR is PR right?

Oh, and I want that Dubstep Gun…

Cool news, Bro!


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