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MSI Launches GTX 760 Hawk – Midrange OC

Getting the overclocking treatment for hardware is like a makeover.  All the top versions of a graphics card get it – beefier power delivery, faster out of the box performance, bigger coolers using better heat transfer materials and large powerful fans to boot.  MSI typically reserve this for the Lightning and Hawk ranges, which start somewhere around the top card minus one.  This time, MSI have gone more into the realms of the mid range with their overclocking treatment, with the GTX 760 getting a Hawk overhawl.

hakpr4The GTX 760 Hawk is equipped with MSI’s Twin Frozr IV cooler, giving twin 10 cm fans on top of enhanced power delivery, MSI are quoting a 10C reduction in active temperatures as well as noise levels 12.48 dB less than reference designs.  MSI are also keen to point out their Military Class designs, which adhere to US Military standards.  The GPU also gets a twin BIOS feature, so extreme overclockers can adjust for different features.


The GTX 760 reference card from MSI features 1152 CUDA cores at 980 MHz (1033 @ Boost) with 2GB of GDDR5 at 1.5 GHz for £211 at This HAWK edition card will feature a rise in GPU clocks to 1111 MHz (1176 @ Boost), giving a 13.3% jump in core frequencies – no word on price, but the current Gaming edition of this card runs at £275, so we are sure it will be around this cost.


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