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New Geek Week based Easter Egg courtesy of Google

Some of you may already know, occasionally Google likes to throw minigames into its search engine when users type certain things.

Previous examples (that still work now) include the following:

Zerg rush – Users who search this will soon be rushed into defending their precious Google links! Swarms of Google’s Os appear attacking the links trying to destroy them. To defend the links simple click on these Os multiple times. How long can you survive?

Breakout – Users who image search this term will be invited to play the 1786 Atari classic Breakout. Using the images within the search as the blocks to be destroyed. Very easy to waste some time! Also use able at work if you’re allowed Google.
[I will not be held responsible for any consequences occurred from losing time to this addiction!]

What Google are now offering is the first game to come through Youtube, Missile Command anyone?
Originally released in 1990, Missile command challenges the user to defend their city via counter-missiles.

How to play it?
After selecting a video and playing it (skipping the advert if necessary), type in 1980 and the video will restart with Missile Command displayed above the video. Especially fun while listening to music videos!
The controls are simple by clicking the mouse in the position for the missile to land and an explosion will appear, blocking any incoming missiles for a small period of time.


Be prepared to waste some time playing any of these games. What will Google think of next?

Cool Games, Bro!


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