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Samsung’s New Flip Phone with Dual Screens – The W789 Hennessy

Flip phones are all about the early 2000s.  Back before touch screen was the thing to have, flip was what it was all about.  So what happens when a mobile phone maker wants to introduce a flip phone in 2013, with dual touch screens?  Well, it ends up in China. This is the Samsung W789 Hennessy:



Featuring Android 4.1, a 1.2 GHz quad core processor and a pair of 3.3 inch 320×480 displays, it won’t win any awards for performance.  The phone also features a 5MP camera and dual SIM support.

The good thing about flip phones was no pocket dialing – with this phone you can use the top screen like a normal smartphone, then open it up when you need a proper tactile touchpad to type messages.

No word on outside China availability.  For the rest of the world, Samsung is always focusing on their Galaxy S4 or Note 2.

Source: Gadget Show


One comment on “Samsung’s New Flip Phone with Dual Screens – The W789 Hennessy

  1. teeyonglim

    Interesting phone. Who would want such a phone?

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