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GIGABYTE Launch AMD SuperPi Contest at

The pinnicle of overclocking is the ability to perform under pressure.  In order to get to live events, competitors must often show their ability with online contests sponsored by manufacturers.  Today we recieved an email about another contest, run by GIGABYTE at for the best SuperPi times on AMD Processors.


What makes this contest different from many other online contests is the level of prize money on offer.  GIGABYTE are offering a total of $5000 in pure cash terms, along with some hardware prizes for runners up.

The contest is designed to get overclockers to test AMD processors, specifically those that run on the FM2 and AM3+ platforms.  The benchmark being used is SuperPi, a well known tool used by overclockers for competitions – the benchmark calculates digits of Pi to the determined settings.  Typically overclockers and competitions are set at the one million and 32 million mark.

The prize list on offer is as follows:

Group AFM1/2 (Llano/Trinity/Richland)

Group B – AM3+ (Bulldozer/Piledriver)

  • Stage1: Super Pi 1M
  • Stage2: Super Pi 32M

Competitors must use the official competition background and adhere to HWBot submission and verification rules.  The contest runs until September 16th, giving four weeks to compete.

In order to enter, visit:


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