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Spelunky Daily Challenge – 17.08 to 23.08


After the final video of the week, I’m going to take a break, as I’m doing the videos late in the evenings due to other commitments, when my time is more free, I will restart it up again.

Day 7:
A ‘meh’ day today I think, regular play doesn’t seem to go well either. Tried to take my time but didn’t really happen.

Day 6:

Not a bad attempt today, perhaps the longest run yet, I’ve noticed compared to other people i tend to rush abit, perhaps in tomorrows one i will take my time a bit more.

Day 5:

Another late one today, however as per usual, I failed in the main game before trying the daily, even though I reached my furthest point yet (3-3) it still didn’t go all that well.

Day 4:
Late one today I’m afraid, all of this work getting in the way of play! Never mind, its Spelunky time!

Day 3:

So this morning I decided to be up early and get it out the way, needless to say I don’t think I’m quite as on the ball as I am in the afternoon. Today’s run wasn’t amazing by any means, if there was one work to describe it, I would choose: clumsy.


Day 2:

Having played a little bit of story mode before going into today daily challenge, I felt positive. Yesterdays run was the best i’d ever had, was today going to be an Exception?
Definitely a lucky escape and unfortunate death. Enjoy!


Today, the ReviewBros’ very own Justin (myself) delves into the depths that is the Spelunky Daily challenge.
Having only played 2 hours, needless to say, I’m not that good. but still, having done the previous couple of daily challenges this was by far the best attempt yet.

I tend to rush into things, today i felt i took my time a little more.

So watch the video and enjoy!



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