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New H81 Motherboards from GIGABYTE

For almost every review site, the main area for motherboard reviews is in the medium to high-end.  This is because manufacturers want their premium products to showcase the best of the brand, and it invigorates sales at the highest profit margin end of the spectrum.  There is also a pang on the side of the reviewer who wants to play with the latest and greatest kit rather than a cheap plug-and-go system.  This is also why almost no entry-level motherboards get reviewed, and it is very rare to see them, but they do exist – often in a price band much more affordable for the sake of forgoing a few features.  Today GIGABYTE announced their new line-up for H81, the entry-level chipset for Haswell.

GIGABYTE will be launching ten motherboards, with seven of them available to see online today:

GA-H81-D3 GA-H81M-HD3 GA-H81M-D2V GA-H81M-S2PV GA-H81M-D3V

All of these will be using Ultra Durable 4 PLUS, which is commonly associated with 40A IR3550 ICs in the power delivery, and the use of the H81 chipset means access to two SATA 6 Gbps ports and two USB 3.0 ports on board.  Each of these motherboards will be running a Realtek NIC/Audio codec combination, as well as either a serial or parallel port (or both).  Due to the timing of these boards, they will also feature the new HD BIOS from Z87 as well as GIGABYTE App Center software.

The interesting model in the release list is the H81.AMP-UP, which suggests that features from GIGABYTE’s G1. Sniper line are coming to H81.  This could either be in the form of an OP-AMP (changeable amplifier) from Z87 or USB DAC-UP (power filtering for USB) on A88X.

No word on pricing, release or which markets are targeted with these products, but it makes a change from Z87 or B85.



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