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AMD to Launch Low-Power APUs

Users of low-power CPUs will recognise the -T suffix, used for low base clock components that boost up to high frequencies but are actually CPUs with better power usage characteristics.  After a while with Intel being the sole offering, AMD are stepping up to the plate. WCCF-Tech are reporting that AMD are to release two new APUs this week – the A10-6700T and A8-6500T.


The APUs will both be a dual module Richland design, with the A8-6500T with a base clock of 2.1 GHz and the A10-6700T with 2.5 GHz.  Each of these APUs are rated at a 45W TDP, compared to the non-T versions that are 65W.

Note that each of these new APUs have a base clock up to 1400 MHz lower than their non-T counterparts.  This is similar to the Intel setup, though I do not recall such a large gap.  The A10-6700T is reported to have a final clock speed of 3.5 GHz, which is 800 MHz less than the non-T APU.

It is also worth noting that the -T APUs will have lower spec integrated graphics:

A10-6700: HD 8670D @ 844 MHz
A10-6700T: HD 8650D @ 720 MHz

A8-6500: HD 8570D @ 800 MHz
A8-6500T: HD 8550D @ 720 MHz

No word on pricing or exact release dates yet, but I would be interested to get these in and see how they compare.


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