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Nintendo announces the new 2DS!

Yeah, you’re thinking what I was thinking when I first heard about it too. A 2DS? What?

Simply put; the 2DS is like a 3DS, just without the 3D.

Looks wise, I think it doesn’t quite look right. the 2DS does not have theclam-shell design of the 3DS. It looks like a small block of cheese, maybe that is the theme Nintendo intended? Who knows, but I do not like it.
I like the look of the 3DS, it worked, it was aesthetically pleasing.

The idea of the 2DS, or so I see it, is that people who cannot see the 3D, now have an affordable option that they can go to without having to even think that they are paying for something unnecessary.

Coming out on October 12th, the same day as Pokemon X and Y. This new handheld could become big this year at Christmas.
Nintendo has not set the RRP for this price, that is left top the retailers.
GAME currently have the console price at £109.99 with carry cases at £9.99


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