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Revamped PS Vita now ‘Casual’

At the Tokyo Game Show, Sony unveiled the next update to the PS Vita – a new thinner and casual look.  Dubbed the PCH 2000 series, and available in six different colours, the new look is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than previous models, and is slated to offer about six hours of battery.


Part of the increase in battery life will be from switching the OLED screen to a 5-inch LCD.  The PCH 2000 will be available in pink, white, brown, light blue, black and yellow.  The charger will change from a proprietary connection to micro-USB, used by many phones, and the price of the Vita memory cards is set to be slashed along with the introduction of a 64GB card.  This is to complement the measly 1GB on the device.



Price for the new PS Vita runs at 19929¥ for release on October 10.  No word about release dates outside Japan.


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