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Reasons Why I Might Need to Buy a PS3 This Year: Final Fantasy

Source: Kotaku

I’m a big fan of Final Fantasy (specifically the older FFs more than the linear new ones), but when I get teased with upcoming HD trailers of both the old and the new, my hairs stand on end.

We have a trailer for FF13: Lightning Returns, coming out on PS3 and Xbox 360 in Februrary:

And remakes of FFX and FFX-2 coming out by the end of the year on PS3 and Vita:

My only gripe is this – had the games been written for PS4/Xbox One, then they would be natural evolution towards the PC in terms of code bases, rather than having to rewrite them (again).  And due to the code differences (specifically architecture optimisations), the PS4/Xbone will not be backwards compatible and thus it means I’ll have to get a PS3 this year to enjoy the FF games.  Note I’m still behind on FF12 when my Xbox(es) died/were sold on. 😦

While not on PS3, we’ve also seen hints of FFXV (FF 15), which is probably aimed at the new console generation:


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