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Idiots Get Annoyed When Grand Theft Auto V PC Torrent Download Is Actually 18GB of Viruses

In a colossal example of hive mind stupidity, a torrent recently popped up on the radar (and as one of the top Google Searches for “GTA 5 PC Download”) offering Grand Theft Auto V for PC at a large enough 18 GB download.


Despite the installer looking somewhat relevant to GTA V, the mechanism, after the user accepts to install the program, drops a payload of malware, spyware, and generally nasty stuff.

Now consider this:

– Rockstar have not officially announced a  PC version, but we can assume that one will be coming
– Even if it is coming, chances that it is ready for PC yet are low at best
– Chances that it would be freely available via Torrents is so low you have to dig for it
– Chances that it would be genuine is another multiplication factor of low
– Chances that it would only be 18GB is another low

Despite this, a few thousand morons found that the single ‘setup.exe’ installer was the real deal and are now dealing with a system clearout or reinstall of an OS.

Come on, use your brain.

Lets wait until it reaches the shops and is official.  No-one wants to play broken shit anyway.

Source: WCCFTech




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