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Microsoft Offering Xbox One credit with PS3 Trade

Sounds odd, right?  When you trade in an Xbox 360 to Microsoft, they can refurbish and resell that Xbox 360.  So when we got word that they are now allowing people (in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico) to walk into a Microsoft store and gain $100 credit for a PS3, it all comes across as confusing.  Microsoft will not be reselling the PS3s, that is for sure – perhaps they have some supercomputing task for them?


Nonetheless, it is a tactic that is well placed in the US mobile carrier industry.  T-Mobile will pay your early termination fees for AT&T and Verizon if you switch over to them, and now it is sort of happening in the console space.

According to our source, this information was distributed via email, and that the PS3s must be in working order with all official peripherals and the system be in a default state (no passwords or info on the storage system).  This latter part has me intrigued, clearly they are to be re-used.

Lets put this into perspective: Sony has sold more Playstation 4 consoles than Microsoft have with the Xbox One – 4.2m PS4s vs 3.4m X1s according to the end of year data.  This is in no-way a flop for either side (especially when we look at Wii U estimates), but Microsoft clearly want people to come over to their side.

More info as it unfolds…



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