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The Dell UP2414Q 24 inch 4K monitor, now £870 pre-order

So I’m a sucker for a good 4K monitor.  Resolution is king, as well as a few other things, so when Dell announced their Ultrasharp range of 4K monitors, I jumped on the chance to report about them.  In fact if you Google ‘UP2414Q’, I tend to be one of the first links a fresh browser sees.  So while the 24″ model was on sale in the US for $1400, then $1200 and now even slightly lower, I was waiting for the UK pricing to be announced.  Just before Christmas, Dell showed their true colours: £1280.  WHAT IS THAT.

Let us do the mathematics:

$1400 USD is ~£850 GBP
if you add +20% for tax, that is £1020

So £1020 seemed about right.  Dell seem to smoking something particularly strong to then add another 20% onto that price to reach the £1280 line.  Absolutely crazy and disgustingly pocket gouging.  I did not partake at that price.


Searching around for the monitor today, and I bumped into a better awesome price at e-buyer.  They are offering the UP2414Q for £870.  That is amazingly close to the original US price (US is $1200 now, ~£730), and much more of a bargain than the price Dell offers.

e-buyer are saying they get stock on the 9th February.  I am saving my pennies.



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